August 16, 2017

7 ways to optimize your HomeAway listing

By One Perfect Stay

Dubai is a paradise for tourists and travellers. Therefore for all those who own holiday apartments in Dubai, have 1,2,3 or 4 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai, it is important to get listed on HomeAway. Vacation rental becomes easier with HomeAway. It is a home-sharing website where owners of non-furnished or furnished apartments in Dubai and dealers of Dubai apartment rental can register and expect to get noticed by potential travelers and renters within a few minutes.

However, if you have offered your apartments to rent Dubai then you need to advertise about it properly on HomeAway. Given the competitive Dubai rental apartments, market many owners find it difficult to get rentals despite high number of travelers trying to rent a flat in Dubai. Here we give you 7 amazing tips to improve your property’s rating on HomeAway.

  1. Receive online bookings/payments

Travelers prefer to book their rental or holiday apartments in Dubai online because it makes them feel relaxed and trouble-free prior to travelling to the city. Over 90% of the bookers prefer online payment too. So if you want to benefit from the website, it is advised to subscribe for a year and pay the fees for enabling online booking.  This would also help in appearing at the first page in search results.

  1. Quick response to inquiries:

Ideally, you must respond to queries within 24 hours because it will give a positive impression to your prospective customers. Modern travelers expect instant responses to their queries and make their minds about a company based on that.

  1. Add Complete Host Profile:

A majority of real estate owners looking to post for their 1,2 or 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Dubai make the mistake of leaving their host profile on HomeAway incomplete. This could be devastating because customers need detailed overview of the property and the owner/landlord prior to making up their minds. Therefore, ensure that you upload a smiling picture of you and provide complete, interesting information about yourself and the property.

  1. Fully benefit from property listing

At HomeAway you get an opportunity to attract new customers and get them to rent a flat in Dubai. To achieve this, you must do everything that the website allows to garner clients’ attention. Provide as many pictures of your property in high quality as possible. We suggest that you upload large files in 3840×2160 pixels.

  1. Avoid Bookings Cancellations:

At HomeAway you might get your property’s rating dropped if the booking gets cancelled. Therefore, avoid cancellations at any cost. If you are worried about the authenticity of the client, then simply mark the ID as spam in your inbox instead of openly cancelling the booking on HomeAway.

  1. Reviews Matter:

If you are seriously looking for Dubai apartment rentals then give reviews their due credit and try to gather as many positive reviews about your property and services as possible. It is important because HomeAway checks out two aspects before rating your profile, one is the number of reviews on your profile and the age of the reviews.

  1. Location verification:

On HomeAway, you can put your apartments for rent in Dubai only after you have provided accurate location information. You must provide a valid address of your property. The address won’t show up on the listing page but will only help travelers in performing map searches when they are about to book your apartment.