August 1, 2017

Places for artists in Dubai

By One Perfect Stay

Green Art Gallery

Situated in an industrial area of Dubai, Green Art Gallery is a popular contemporary art space, full of life and amazing art work. In the recent years, many famous exhibitions have been held at the Gallery which has drastically shaped its image as a must see for all art lovers.

Street Art Dubai

This places houses the great art work of famous artists like Kazilla, Perez and Marsi. A number of informal exhibitions have been held in the recent past which showcased the beautiful work of these artists. It provided a platform for the locals to mix up with artists and talk their hearts out about their common interests and passion.

Courtyard Gallery

This was the first ever art gallery in the Al Quoz area. After going through major refurbishing and renovations, the gallery now displays numerous art pieces of local artists such as Mustafa Ali and Shaarani. The courtyard also houses an art supplies shop, a café to relax and an arts workshop for beginners and art lovers.

Ayyam Gallery

A name that represents the Middle Eastern Art and displays the best of Arab as well as regional artists. The Gallery also holds an education program for people who are keen to learn arts. The recent exhibition showcased Samia Halaby and Faisal Samra’s eclectic art displays.

Carbon 12

Situated on Al Serkal Avenue, an oasis for art galleries, Carbon 12 holds a track record of displaying the most significant art work. From both emerging to well-established artists, the Gallery hosts major exhibitions every year, visited by art inspired locals as well as tourists.

Tashkeel Art Studio and Gallery

Very popular among locals who adore this gallery for its refined Emiratis art work display and well planned art and photography workshops for different age groups. It houses six projects every year with a lot of emphasis on education and interpretation where people are encouraged to embrace and be open minded towards different forms of art.

Box Park

An ideal place for a walk where people get to see art work at every nook and corner. The place houses a lot of cafes, art supplies stores, clothing shops and restaurants for spending a fine lazy afternoon with likeminded people.



Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Center (DUCTAC)

Located on Level 3 of Mall of Emirates parking lot, this is one great place to visit for art enthusiasts who can take advantage of art courses, art exhibitions, dance classes, a variety of art related programs and workshops being offered at the Community Center.

Books Kinokuniya

A Japanese bookstore that stocks quite a good range of art products along with a huge collection of book belonging to different subjects and genres. A must go for art explorers.

MOJO Gallery

A modern art gallery exploring various forms of Asian, African and Middle Eastern contemporary art with emphasis on new media and up to date art trends. The gallery holds a number of exhibitions every year and also arranges workshops in order to promote local street talent.