July 9, 2017

Secrets of a Professional Photoshoot

By One Perfect Stay

The rules of photography keep on changing and you learn the best from your experience. Practice makes you perfect and experience brings in maturity. Always remember, cameras don’t make pictures, photographers do! Here are a few secrets of professional photo shoot that will help you stay ahead of the curve!

Concept of perceptual layers

You focus on one object. View the remaining as layers. These layers when intervene perfectly add to the completeness of your photograph. By being careful with the foreground and background items, you can make your photograph interesting and attractive.

Create contrasts

Use different lights and colors between different elements of your photograph to create eye-catching contrasts. Make you picture stand out by going straight for the point. Enhance the main focused object and remove confusions and mess in the background layers with the help of intelligent lighting.

Rely on stereotypes

In order to make your photographic elements easy to identify, make use of common stereotypes. Such as striking “red” heels or a “green” guitar – something that stands out. This will strengthen your focal point and will allow people to indulge in your photography.

Don’t be a bore

The typical composition rules ask for standard photographs that include all parts of the image inside the frame. You don’t have to be a slave to text book rules. Instead, trust you natural instincts. Make your composition sense grow. In the end you will master it your way!

Make it natural

Say no to “posing”. It looks artificial and unreal. Engage the person in a situation and as soon as you get the best angle, stop them from moving and – CLICK!

Productive is the key

You want to sit around and talk? You don’t want to miss out on that golden opportunity that holds the ideal click. Be productive. Get to work. Shoot. Shoot like crazy.

Keep no boundaries

Photography isn’t an obligation. Photograph whatever inspires you. Your photographs should reflect your love for the subject and photography itself.

Practice, practice, practice

Master your art of photography. Practice is the biggest “secret” to fine photography. Eventually you will learn to visualize and know when and how to be ready for the moment. Give time to your camera and do justice to your passion.

Break the rules

Shoot from above, from behind, from below. Sometimes the best results come when you break the rules.

Learn from your mistakes

Keep learning from your mistakes because every situation is different and brings on a totally new experience. This will help you to avoid making same mistakes the next time you shoot.

Embrace patience

Photography will test your patience. There are bad days and that requires you to remain patient. You need to learn to wait for the perfect hour or the perfect moment. Professional photographers wait for weeks, even months to get the right moment to shoot. Don’t worry, patience always bears promising results.

Believe in accidents

Last but not the least – accidents give you the best shots.