August 1, 2017


By One Perfect Stay

Here are a few tips and tricks to perfectly stage your apartment for a professional photo shoot;

Pay attention to flaws

Your potential buyer(s) will always keep their eyes on the smallest of details. If they find one flaw, they will start to wonder if there are any other damages – hidden or obvious! Before you give their minds a chance to wander around, fix your stuff. IDENTIFY THE PROBLEMATIC AREAS. Fix that broken window pane, clean the unsightly mold on the kitchen washer, replace the glaringly yellow stained tile and remove the clutter from your sitting area. Look at your place through a buyer’s eyes. Go from room to room and make a thorough and critical inspection. If your buyer finds a flaw, they will use it as leverage to bring down your asking price. So make sure, before you photograph your home, make a checklist of all the problems and fix them as soon as possible.

Rely on virtual reality

An empty apartment looks boring. Add furniture and its best if you stage it with a proper design theme that represents your place, your building and obviously your neighborhood. Virtual reality makes the photographs more interesting and eye catching.

Back to basics

Before you shoot, how about refreshing all the basics? Think of your dream bed, a comfy piece with crisp while linens covered with pillows and cushions of different sizes or may be a contrasting throw and an attractive comforter. Transform your bed. Pull it together and create your imagination’s master piece (yes you can always take online help too). Replace those outdated fixtures with latest designs. Accessorize it and add scents. Better if you get help from a proper cleaning person prior to getting it photographed. Hard work always pays!

Create a focal point

You need something that catches the buyer’s eye. Transform dull-looking and shabby furniture into a focal point. For instance, change an old brown depressing cupboard or a chest of drawers. Try being creative on your color palette. Go for emerald green or may be rich turquoise. Lift up the mood of your room. Your focal point will make for striking photographs.

The reflection trick

Mirror, mirror on the wall; who has the spacious apartment of us all? Well positioned mirrors always give the effect of more space. Mirrors bring in extra light and reflect it around the room and this makes us feel as if the room has more space in it – perfect for a photo shoot! Bonus tip: always place more than one mirror. A mirror blocked by a wall is only a waste.

Showcase extra space

Ok, you need to empty your closets. Put your junk into a trunk and clear out all unnecessary item from your cabinets. Consider installing more racks, shelves and bars to double the storage space. Remember, buyers take storage very seriously. You can also paint the inside of your cupboards a different color – may be something funky. This cost effective tip not only makes for good photos but also never fails to engage buyers.