August 16, 2017

Top 10 Colour Choices for Apartments for Rent in Dubai:

By One Perfect Stay

Colour scheme plays a major role in altering your mood and overall atmosphere of the flat. While searching for Dubai rental apartments, you must give importance to colour scheme because no matter what sort of furnishing has been done, your mood will only be uplifted when the colours are inviting and relaxing. So, how can you decide about the best colour choices to opt for Dubai apartment rental?

This is possible by researching a bit and finding out the most appealing colour choices available in regular and/or furnished apartments in Dubai. Here are our top ten colour picks for apartments to rent Dubai:

  1. Vibrant Coral: This is the most vibrant of all oceanic hues. If you are looking for one bedroom apartment in Dubai then we suggest you should choose coral coloured room. It is an excellent mood lifter and when combined with white on the ceilings, the ambience becomes dreamlike.
  2. Cobalt Blue: Cobalt blue looks trendy, fashionable and playful. It is certainly the colour of the year in Dubai holiday apartments primarily because it gives a feel of freshness in the hot and humid weather of the city. Without feeling abrasive, the colour will provide a unique sense of comfort and relaxation.
  3. Florida Pink: It is an unconventional choice for Dubai apartment rentals. This colour creates a dramatic impact because it is intense and has a presence of its own. This shade gels well with other colours and is not polarizing at all.
  4. Glamorous Orange: To feel energetic almost instantly then this is the colour to select while deciding on apartments in Dubai marina rent. The reason is that it creates a sparkling contrast with the overall yellowish and bluish hues across the marina.
  5. Bright Yellow: We cannot overlook the bright and spacious impact that sunny yellow creates. It is a happy colour and makes one cheerful. We guarantee that it will keep you smiling all the time at your chosen holiday apartment Dubai.
  6. Uplifting Lime: Just a splash of lime colour on the walls will create an impressive effect just like lemon juice does to a drink. Lime colour can be used as a highlighter or in the backdrop, everywhere it will stand out. Keep this colour in mind if you are searching for 2 to 3 bedroom apartment Dubai.
  7. Vivid Magenta: Magenta colour resonate happiness and carefreeness. It is an intense colour that needs to be used sparingly to get that required effect. The effect becomes all the more dramatic when magenta is mixed with the brilliant bright green and sunny yellow of the exterior.
  8. Soothing White: White is one colour that not only mixes immaculately with almost every colour but also creates a soothing environment for you to unwind. A majority of Dubai apartments for holiday rent have at least one bedroom or lounge covered in white colour because of its serene impact.
  9. Neutral Grey: Grey is the colour of all seasons because it is neutral and almost all accessories go well with it. Usually the luxury apartments Dubai have grey coloured lounge; the reason being that it gives the room spacious feel.
  10. Sparkling Red: Apple red is a brilliant colour. Every interior designer swears by the magical impact of red colour on the mood of the inhabitants. Unlike standard red, the apple red is soothing to the eyes and has a productive effect on appetite and passion.