August 7, 2017

Top five must try traditional dishes of Dubai

By One Perfect Stay

Dubai is one cosmopolitan city that offers countless attractions to its tourists and locals. Besides visiting eye catching places with breath taking views, the tourists also get to enjoy the rich traditional cuisine of Dubai. Arabs love to eat sheep, goats and camels. The restaurants serve multiple options for travelers such as Lebanese, Iranian and Moroccan cuisine paired with Arabian food. Whether you are a food aficionado or a random foodie, you just cannot ignore the flavors Dubai has in store for you. Let’s take a look at the top five must try traditional dishes of Dubai that will surely give you a sensational feel about the Arabian delicacies.

Here we go..!


Sounds pretty astounding, no? People in Dubai go crazy for this special delight. The dish has also made to the Guinness Book of World Records based on its gigantic size. The main ingredient used is the ‘grilled meat’. The entire animal is stuffed with rich spices, flavorsome herbs, boiled eggs, around twenty chickens, a lamb, fish and rice. It is then cooked until the meat is tender. This scrumptious dish will not fail to satisfy your taste buds.


This exotic dish is made up of meat, wheat and some salt. Doesn’t sound much appetizing but Emirati cuisine is incomplete without the popular traditional Al Harees. This simple yet elegant dish offers a divine taste that leaves you craving for more. Savored mostly during the month of Ramadan and on weddings, Al Harees is cooked with just three main ingredients for hours until all components are fully incorporated and form a smooth porridge like paste. This gives a salty flavor with a rich taste of meat & wheat. Other spices can also be added if you want to satisfy your taste buds. The local ghee tarka is must at the end for further flavor and aroma.


The famous Middle Eastern dip made from mashed chick peas, lemon juice, tahini paste, garlic, olive oil and some salt cannot be ignored if you are in Dubai. It is a perfect appetizer to be served with fresh pita bread and Shawarma. Unique in taste, Hummus is thought to be one of the most popular foods of Dubai which never fails to quench the hungry tummy.


This finger licking Emirati dish is a somewhat customized version of vegetarian burger. Prepared with deep-fried patty made of ground chick peas or sometimes fava beans, yoghurt and salad is simply a delight to eat. Falafel is ideal for children because of its mild flavors. This popular must try is something people love to relish in Dubai.


Meat, rice and onions! This special dish excites all foodies and has been listed in the famous foods of Dubai. The secret behind its zesty flavors is balanced spices and lots of lemon. The dish is served on a large food platter and is complimented with salad and yogurt and demands to be enjoyed the authentic way; everyone eats from the same platter with their right hands.